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Name Iannis M. Sigalas
Sex Male
Profession Child Psychiatrist, doctor of the Athens University
Date of Birth June 22, 1955
Place of Birth Athens, Greece
Nationality Greek
Marital Status Married, one child
Telephone Number +30 6944 396049
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1979 M.D., Medical School, University of Athens (Grade 8/10, Very Good).
Nov. ’81 – Nov. ‘82 Resident in Internal Medicine, Centre of Respiratory Failure, “Sotiria” Hospital of Athens.
Jan. ’83 – Jan. ‘84 Resident in Pulmonary Medicine, Department of Pulmonary Medicine, “Evangelismos” General Hospital of Athens.
Mar. ’84 – Mar. ‘85 Resident in Pulmonary Medicine, University Department of Pulmonary Medicine, “Sotiria” Hospital of Athens.
May 1985 Licence in the Speciality of Pulmonary Medicine.
Oct. ’89 – Apr. ‘90 Resident in Neurology, Department of Neurology, General University Hospital of Patras.
Jun. ’90 – Dec. ‘91 Resident in Psychiatry, University Department of Psychiatry, “Agios Andreas” General Hospital of Patras.
Mar. ’92 – Mar. ‘94 Resident in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Department of Child Psychiatry, “Agia Sofia” General Children Hospital of Athens.
June 1994 Licence in the Speciality of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.



1981 - 1986 Training in Systemic Family and Group Psychotherapy in the Athenian Institute of Anthropos (A.I.A.) (please refer to relevant A.I.A.’s Certificate).
Jun. ’90 – Dec. 91 As a resident in Psychiatry training in: a) Supervised Individual Adult Psychotherapy (120 hours)· and b) supervised Group Psychotherapy of hospitalized patients (150 hours).
Mar. ’92 – Mar. 94 As a resident in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry training in: a) Supervised Individual Children and Adolescent Psychotherapy (240 hours); and b) supervised Infant Observation (50 hours).
May 2010 European Certificate of Psychotherapy by the European Association for Psychotherapy.





Jul. ’95 – to date Child Psychiatrist in the Child Mental Health Center (C.M.H.C.) of the Greek Social Security Organization (S.S.O.). Within this context I have responsibility of:

  • Clinical work with children and families.
  • Parent Consultation, individually and in groups.
  • Family and Couple Therapy.
  • Group Psychotherapy of parents and adolescents.
  • Supportive Individual Psychotherapy of children and adolescents.

Since September 1998 I am Director of the Department of Education and Research of the Center. Within this context I am responsible for:

  • The scientific organisation of training programs for adminstrative and health personel of S.S.O., held all over Greece. In these programs I also participate as a trainer. There main subjects are Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Family Function and Human Communication.
  • The organisation of training programs for young students (psychologists, social workers, school teachers, psychiatric nurses, occupational therapists) in C.M.H.C. In these programs I also participate as teacher.
1986 – to date Scientific Associate of the Athenian Institute of Anthropos (A.I.A.) with the following responsibilities:

  • Group therapy with adults and adolescents.
  • Family therapy.
  • Trainer in the training program of the A.I.A. .
  • Member of the Organizing Comitee of the Symposium for the Grouping Process, Athens, 1988.
January – June 2018 Lecturer at the Interdepartmental - Interuniversity Postgraduate Program "Counseling Psychology and Counseling in Education, Health and Labor", conducted by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and the Democritus University of Thrace.
2018 – to date Clinical Supervision of the “Iera Odos” Therapeutic Team of the 18 Anw Unit for Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation, of the Attiki Psychiatric Hospital.
1995 - 2000 Family Support and Parent Consultation as a Scientific Associate of the Therapeutic Program “Nostos” of the Therapy Center for Depentent Individuals.
Jun. ‘95 – Aug. ‘95 Trainer in three Educational Programs, conducted by the Greek Organization Against Toxic Substances and sponsored by the European Social Fund και την Greek Youth Secretariat, for unemployed Mental Health Professionals and Social Scientists. Subject: “Consultation for Dependent Individuals”.
Aug. ‘94 – Aug 2000 Consultant in Summer Camping Programs for children with special needs organized by the Mutual Health Fund of the Personell of the National Bank of Greece.
Aug. ‘96 – Aug. 2000 Consultant in Summer Camping Programs for children with special needs organized by the Agricultural Bank of Greece.
Nov. ‘94 – Jul. ‘95 Scientific Co-ordinator of the Training Program for Foster Mothers, sponsored by European Social Fund and the Greek Ministry of Health and carried out by the Normative National Nursing Home in Kallithea.
Nov. ‘94 – Jul. ‘95 Trainer in the Training Program for unemployed psychologists, social workers and kindergarden teachers, sponsored by European Social Fund and the Greek Ministry of Health and carried out by the Normative National Nursing Home. Subject: “Working with Families with Pre-school Children”.
Oct. ‘87 – Jun. ‘89 Mental Health Promotion in Rural Communities as a Scientific Associate of the Association of Social Psychiatry and Mental Health.
Aug. ‘86 – Jun. ‘89 Pulmonologist in the branch office of the Greek Security Organization (S.S.O.) in Paralia Distomou.
Jul. ‘85 – Aug. ‘86 General practitioner in the village of Davlia, Voiotia.
May ‘81 – Oct. ‘82 Assistant doctor in the Surgical Department of the “Ygia” hospital.



June ‘88 Dissertation in Athens University. Subject: “Clinical and Pathophysiologic Findings in the Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome”.
Dec. 1996 Participation in the 1st Forum of Training, Psychotherapeutic and Counseling Centers in Athens.

  • Lecture, “The Athenian Institute of Anthropos: Training in Systemic Approach”.
  • Experiential Workshop, “Introduction in Systemic Approach”.
July 1997 Scientific Co-ordinator of a workshop on “Family Support Programs” in a two - day training seminar for the personell of the Therapy Center for Depentent Individuals in Athens. In this workshop paper presentation: “Family Program of the ‘Nostos’ Therapeutic Program. Philosophy, Structure, Diversities”.
March 1999 Trainer in the Program of the Ministry of Education “Health Promotion in Schools” for School Teachers.
Dec. ‘99 – Feb. 2000 Trainer in the Program “Education of Teachers for Guidance and Counceling” organized by the University of Athens. Subjects: Family and Group Dynamics and Principles of Human Communication (100 hours).
March 2000 Experiential workshop in a two – day Seminar of the American “Pierce” College. Subject: “Teacher’s Work before 21st Century’s Challenges” (2 hours).
August 2000 Trainer in the Program “Training of Professionals of Supporting Services against Social Exclusion”. Subject: Group Dynamics (20 hours).
May and June 2001, April 2003 Scientific Director of three Training Programs for Administrative Officials of the S.S.O. “Communication in the Working Area” in Athens and Thessaloniki. Trainer in the same Programs (15 hours).
June 2003 Scientific Director of a Training Program for Health Officials of the S.S.O. "Family – New conditions, new perspectives", in Athens. Trainer in the same Program.
Jan, 2009 and Oct. 2009 Lectures about Adolescence in two training programs for foreign language teachers in Panteion University, Athens.